The next main principle of our company is follow and apply global label & textile accessories technologies closely , to expand to the abroad adding the export companies to its structure while protecting its feature of becoming a firm which has already produced all kinds of labels and textile accessories that firms seek for and ensured in a short time. Gns is specialized in label manufacturing for jeans wear, sportswear, leather wear and lingerie. With a modern facility and ongoing investments, Gns has become a main source for well-known global brands and suppliers over the years. Gns strives to bring creative solutions to the market with a fast delivery service at the right price. Gns operates with over 80 employees in a 2500m2 factory supplying labels to the garment industry. Gns specializes in leather, synthetic leather labels along with fabric print labels, hologram labels, pvc labels and paper hang tags. Our target is, serve needs and expectations of companies in the textile sector ,contribute to Turkish label sector, put into practice by keeping abreast of technological developments and become a leader in this sector . Our Employees, Our customer service representatives dominated in every stage of label production, and their duty is in contact with the customer to provide all kinds of ideas and information , and it naturally brings quality and customer satisfaction at every stage. Design expert staff and textile experience of our department, provide assistance and support to customers by using utilizing technology . Our quality increase by Supply of quality raw materials and and the use of first-class materials at every stage of the label . Continuous control at every stage, we are aware that brought timely delivery.Our production issues which are considered the best in the world and the latest model computedmachines are made with. In our shiftwork application system , can make woven,printing and carton labels productions on the basis of 365 days and 24 hours. Forming this Machine Park The basic Machines Brands Below: MULLER (MUGRIP)- SWITZERLAND MULLER (MVC) – SWITZERLAND FOCUS - ENGLAND HEIDELBERG- GERMANY POLAR - GERMANY SOMTAS- TURKEY ​​If you are looking for creative solutions for labels, research and development, concept designs or if you have any other question, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to help you in a professional and above all creative way.

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